Star-Lord Sony Walkman!! (Cosplay Toy Mod and Paint)

It's time for the second piece of my first cosplay! Many of you know by now that I'm embarking on my first quest into the wonderful world of cosplay, and I've decided to start with Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy! I absolutely love guardians of the Galaxy, and I'm such a fan of Star-Lord. Check out the first part of my cosplay here. 

Disclaimer: this blog contains monetized affiliate links (marked "aff"). This means I make a commission when purchases are made using my links. It doesn't cost the consumer anything, it's simply a way I can help support myself and the projects I take on :)

Finding an original Sony Walkman TPS-L2 for less than $900 is no easy task, so I had to find a cheaper way to make this part of my cosplay. That's where this toy from Target/Toys R Us comes into play! for $25, this makes for an excellent starting point. 

I personally picked mine up at my local Toys R Us, but it can be ordered online! Click the links below to order one.


Toys R Us

I then took it home, disassembled it, and prepped it for painting. For the painting process I used a rattle can primer, and these two Dupli-Color Metallic Chrysler Perfect Match Automotive Paints in Teal and Silver. These are very close to the original Walkman's colors! I then finished it off with some rattle-can clear coat!

Silver (aff)

Teal (aff)

After I was done painting, I decided to mod the toy to house a bluetooth receiver so I that I can connect it to my phone and wirelessly play sweet tunes like Hooked on a feeling! This involved removing everything except the circuit board (and stripping a lot off of the circuit board) to make room for a 3.5mm cable and the reciever! I also took a dremel to the inside of the toy (see video for more). The Bluetooth receiver was only $13, so you don't need to break the bank!

Bluetooth Receiver (aff) 3.5mm Cable (aff)

I then added some accurate walkman stickers that I got on Etsy (find them here), and added the Awesome mix which I got from Secret Alias Man (message him for the PDF). HUGE shoutout to him for providing all the necessary information and making this mod possible! Definitely give him a follow. And for the final step, I put it all together, and replaced the foam with these orange foam earbuds (aff)! Here's the final product.

Star-Lord Element Blaster!! (Cosplay Prop Painting)

I have officially started working on my first real cosplay!! Like many of you, I am completely obsessed with Guardians of the Galaxy, and Star-Lord is one of my all time favorite characters so I had to start my cosplay career with him! (Disclaimer: this blog contains monetized affiliate links; I earn a commission when purchases are made using my links at no extra cost to the consumer. These are marked with "aff").

To kick off this cosplay, I found these Star-Lord Element Blasters at the Disney Store (Available here │ Amazon) [aff]

Star-Lord Element Blasters from the Disney Store

Star-Lord Element Blasters from the Disney Store

I started by sanding and priming the guns, then I hand painted each gun. The paint job took about 9 hours, but a more experienced painter won't take nearly that long; this was my first time ever doing this so I really wanted to take my time to avoid any mistakes. all of my painting supplies I got at my local Michael's, but you can most likely find everything you need on Amazon [aff].

Part of that painting process included weathering, and to to that I added water to acrylic paint, covered the surface I was weathering, then wiped the paint off with a paper towel. Do so leaves streaks and paint in hard to reach creases giving the guns a used look.

I had a blast painting the first prop for my Star-Lord cosplay, and I can't wait for this outfit to come together!


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