Max and Roxanne Disneybounds!

Okay, so I COMPLETELY forgot about this video... better late than never? lol

D23 is THE Disney convention, so of course Lizzy and I had to throw together a couple of Disneybounds, and one of our most requested Bounds has always been Max and Roxanne from "A Goof Movie." Ask, and you shall receive :). You can also enjoy my vlog from the event by clicking here!

Here's my video detailing how I put together my Max Disneybound!

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Lizzy's Skirt: (AFF)
Lizzy's Shirt: (AFF)
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Here's Lizzy's video detailing how she put together her Roxanne Disneybound!

This was such a fun (and simple) Disneybound and it was a great way to finish off D23!! Now I must eagerly wait until the next D23...