Rogue One Lego Action Figures!

In which the bae and I build some Rogue One Lego action figures! Enjoy :)

Star Wars Rogue One!!! (Spoiler Free Review)

I watched Rogue One and it was ONE heck of a great movie... Here's my spoiler free review!

The Moana Tag!!

I’m absolutely obsessed with Disney’s Moana, so I decided to create The Moana Tag!

Moana Tag Questions:

  1. Favorite character
  2. Favorite villain
  3. Favorite song
  4. Character you relate to the most
  5. Favorite scene
  6. Favorite quote
  7. Favorite non speaking character
  8. Would you rather voyage or colonize

Fantastic Beasts Warner Bros Studio Tour!!

I was invited to go to an advanced launch of the Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts exhibit for the Warner Bros Studio Tour! Dan Fogler was there... I gave him a necklace. Bonnie Wright was also there. It was magical.

Putting Up Our Christmas Tree!!

Lizzy and I decided it was time to put up our Christmas tree!! Spoiler alert, there are a lot of Disney ornaments.

My Spoiler Free Review of "Moana"

I saw Moana last night and I had to share my thoughts on it. Spoiler alert, it rocked.

Building a Millennium Falcon!!

I found this amazing Revell SnapTite Build & Play Millennium Falcon on Amazon and had to make a video out of it!

Halloween Time at Disneyland!

Today I show you the reasons why Halloween Time at Disneyland is the BEST time at Disneyland!

Baby Groot Planter Kit!!

I got this amazing Baby Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy) planter kit off Amazon and figured it would be fun to film the process!

Disney 20 Questions!! (ft. The Skorys)

VidCon just happened and I had the opportunity to put my Disney knowledge to the test by going head to head against The Skorys! Make sure to check out both videos!

Pokemon GO at Disneyland!! (ft. Brizzy Voices)

Just a couple of Pokemon trainers taking on The Disneyland region in an attempt to catch 'em all. I had such a blast playing Pokemon GO in Disneyland with Brizzy Voices!!

Pokemon GO at Disneyland

Pokemon Go at the Santa Monica Pier!

Jafar Disneybound

VidCon just happened, which means "Disney Day" also just happened! This time our friend Kirstyn Hippe joined us in a group villain bound! Kirstyn Disneybounded (for the first time ever!!) as Cruella Deville, Lizzy bounded as Maleficent, and I bounded as Jafar. I'm really happy with how this Disneybound came together and it was super comfy :D

For anyone interested in cheap sunglasses with several color options (great for Disneybounds!) click the image below and you'll be taken to the amazon listing! :)

Click on this image to be taken to the amazon listing for these sunglasses!

Click on this image to be taken to the amazon listing for these sunglasses!