I wanted to lay down some ground rules that can apply to all social media platforms I’m on, including Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and anywhere else I might be posting content. Basically if you’re gonna be there in chat, comments, and mentions, I ask that you follow these guidelines.

  1. Hate speech will not be tolerated. Any derogatory comments that target race, gender, sexuality, religion, ANYTHING will result in an immediate ban/block. This is non-negotiable.

  2. Be kind to others, and RESPECT THE MODS.

  3. Keep self promo to the designated area’s only. It’s tacky to enter someone else’s community with self fulfilling intentions. I do however want to provide a platform for everyone to share their work which is why I created the “self-promo” channel on my Discord server!

  4. This rule is more aimed towards Twitch, but still applies to all platforms. Donations, bits, purchased gifts, or monetary support of that nature is purely voluntary. While not mandatory in any way, I appreciate it SO MUCH. But please understand that it doesn’t come with any strings attached. I provide entertainment as a service and those of you who appreciate what I do and want to support my content are more than welcome to make a contribution.

  5. Keep it clean. This one is more specific to my content, so I understand if something slips out, but I ask that you keep profanity out of my chat/comment sections. I like to keep my spaces mostly family friendly and I hope you can do your part to keep it a place that’s accessible to all.

  6. NO SPOILERS!!! When discussing movies and shows I will not tolerate any spoilers. I will legitimately ban you for it. There is a channel on this discord specifically meant for spoiler-filled discussions.