Star-Lord Element Blaster!! (Cosplay Prop Painting)

I have officially started working on my first real cosplay!! Like many of you, I am completely obsessed with Guardians of the Galaxy, and Star-Lord is one of my all time favorite characters so I had to start my cosplay career with him! (Disclaimer: this blog contains monetized affiliate links; I earn a commission when purchases are made using my links at no extra cost to the consumer. These are marked with "aff").

To kick off this cosplay, I found these Star-Lord Element Blasters at the Disney Store (Available here │ Amazon) [aff]

Star-Lord Element Blasters from the Disney Store

Star-Lord Element Blasters from the Disney Store

I started by sanding and priming the guns, then I hand painted each gun. The paint job took about 9 hours, but a more experienced painter won't take nearly that long; this was my first time ever doing this so I really wanted to take my time to avoid any mistakes. all of my painting supplies I got at my local Michael's, but you can most likely find everything you need on Amazon [aff].

Part of that painting process included weathering, and to to that I added water to acrylic paint, covered the surface I was weathering, then wiped the paint off with a paper towel. Do so leaves streaks and paint in hard to reach creases giving the guns a used look.

I had a blast painting the first prop for my Star-Lord cosplay, and I can't wait for this outfit to come together!