Top 6 Favorite Star Wars Moments!!!

Today, in celebration of Star Wars day, I go over my top 6 FAVORITE moments in the Star Wars franchise!!! What are your favorite moments?!

Rogue One Lego Action Figures!

In which the bae and I build some Rogue One Lego action figures! Enjoy :)

"If We Were Jedis..." New Video Featuring Leo Camacho!

New Video!

The other day I was hanging out in Disney's California adventure with my friend Leo Camacho and decided to shoot a little video with him! We're both really big Star Wars fans, so we thought it would be appropriate to make a video about Star Wars! 

A while back I made a video titled "If I Were a Time Lord..." in which I answered questions about Doctor Who to show what kind of Time Lord I would be. This time around, I came up with some questions about Star Wars that determine what kind of Jedis we would be!

Leo's a magnificent human being, so make sure to add him to your feed! (psst, he does a TON of Disneybounding)

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Let him know I sent ya :D